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Jerome Lamet

DCSD was founded in 1998 by Jerome S. Lamet, a former United States Bankruptcy Trustee and Federal Trade Commission attorney with over 47 years of experience in enforcing federal consumer laws.

While serving as a private bankruptcy trustee, he observed countless numbers of seniors and disabled consumers filing bankruptcy when they did not need to do so. From his experience with the FTC and the trustee’s office, he turned his passion into forming a law firm that reaches out to the elderly and disabled communities in assisting them with their consumer debt issues.

Since establishing Debt Counsel for Seniors and the Disabled in 1998, he has helped over 14,000 consumers who were elderly, disabled or both. He and his attorneys have protected their rights under the FDCPA and the Social Security Act. Many of these individuals felt helpless and downtrodden. They could not pay their debts, usually due to a medical crisis that all but eliminated any savings they had. Nor could they afford a bankruptcy. And finally, they could not afford the usurious credit card interest rates that banks were charging.

Mr. Lamet is the former president of the Chicago Chapter of the Federal Bar Association; a member of the American Bar Association, Chicago Bar Association; National Academy of Elder Law, AARP Legal Service Network; the American Bankruptcy Institute, and associated with Elder Care Matters.

Debt Counsel for Seniors and the Disabled has been a lifeline for Mr. Lamet’s clients. It has given them the ability to focus on their health rather than battling with creditors. Someone championing their rights has boosted their self-esteem. They have been relieved of the terror of fearing the loss of their exempt funds, such as Social Security. Most importantly, their hope for peace of mind in their retirement years has been restored.

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