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Many of the seniors, veterans and disabled individuals who decline DCSD services do so, they tell us, because their children did not trust the service. Maybe it sounds too good to be true, perhaps a scam? Or, there can’t possibly be a way to avoid paying bills.

Please note we are a legitimate law firm. This law firm has helped over 14,000 seniors, veterans and disabled individuals in protecting them from creditor harassment and from illegal garnishments.

We welcome working with the family of our clients and we realize that having a conversation regarding financial difficulties with your parents is no doubt difficult. For adult children of aging parents, few situations can be as tricky and emotionally fraught. It raises a myriad of issues involving independence, pride, privacy and competency.

Many times the family members are in denial or find it too painful to accept the prospect of their parent’s decline. The biggest mistake families make is waiting too long to deal with these issues. Conversations typically start when a medical crisis arises. Often there is a mad scramble to find insurance policies, bank statements, bills, or worse.

If a stroke or other emergency leaves a parent incapacitated, the family members could find themselves in court asking the court to declare their parent incompetent so that they can get the necessary legal authority to take over the finances. Such a process can be lengthy, expensive and emotionally wrenching.

While this is a difficult conversation to have with your aging parents, it is an important one that should not be postponed. DCSD is here to help. If you think your parents are struggling financially because of unpaid credit card debt, medical bills or other unsecured debt, don’t wait. Give us a call at 800-992-3275 ext 1304 and speak with our New Client Services department. They can explain how our legal services work to help you and your parent achieve peace of mind. Why not let us help you too?


Jerome S. Lamet,
Founder and Illinois Supervising Attorney

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